Why is Art Garfunkel my favorite male vocalist of all time?


Yes, you read that title correctly. I don’t mean to imply that no other male vocalist is talented, many of them are. I just feel that Mr. Garfunkel is the best of my life. Why do I say that? That is precisely what this blog will address. There is no right or wrong answer, it is strictly my opinion. So sit back, relax and read this blog and I will explain my reasons.

His music is for multiple generations

No matter what generation you come from, chances are you’ve heard of Art Garfunkel. Whether for his duet work with the equally legendary Paul Simon, or as a solo artist, the man has been in the music business for decades. If you are a fan of him, chances are you have something in common with family members or associates from other generations. Music like that tends to bring people together.

Art can interpret any musical genre

People seem to like to classify artists into a style of music, mainly for the sake of describing it to someone else. That is very difficult to do with Mr. Garfunkel’s work. He can perform songs of any genre with the same skill and mastery. This is another facet of their music that allows fans to have a common interest with other people. Without a doubt, it is a topic of conversation.

Other examples of its versatility

Art Garfunkel has collaborated with dozens of other artists besides Paul Simon. Occasionally at the same time as Mr. Simon, as in a threesome a while ago with James Taylor. There are other good examples too, look them up on the internet and you will be able to find them.

Unparalleled passion in her voice

This is the main personal reason for my feelings. Garfunkel puts an unmatched passion in any song he sings. His music can touch even the hardest of hearts and make you feel like each note is sung just for you. That’s a rare quality among artists in any of the performing arts.

What am I trying to achieve with this post?

When I feel good about something, I enjoy sharing it with other people. Maybe you can inspire people to listen for themselves. I love turning others into things that I like. This is especially true for the younger generations. There is nothing wrong with young people being inspired to listen to older artists. It could be just what they need to cheer up a bad day or to share with their peers. Not everyone will feel the same about Art Garfunkel as I do, but you can definitely add him to your favorites list.

Where to find the music you want to listen to

Whether you want to try listening to art for yourself or find another artist you love, go online and do a search. If you are running blank on a particular musician, try searching for a genre. There are many entertainment websites for the public to tune in to. You can certainly think of one or two up front. If not, a general search on the internet will help you locate that as well. Have fun discovering your new favorite artists !!!

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