Top 10 Disney Princesses

Over the years, Disney has created many princesses, but not all princesses are what you would consider popular. One thing you’ll notice when looking at the top 10 Disney princesses that have been created over the years is that Disney’s oldest princesses are still some of the most popular princesses, despite the improvements Disney is making to each. new princess to create.

1. Snow White is the oldest of the Disney princesses, but she is still one of the favorite princesses. A Disney Snow White dress is a very popular item within Disneyland, but you can also find a Disney Snow White dress at many other retail stores. Girls love the Disney Snow White Dress because it allows them to transform into the princess who, despite being cursed by an evil stepmother, ends up making her dreams come true.

2. Cinderella is another of the classic Disney princesses, but one that is still quite popular today. Inside Disneyland, you will see quite a few girls dressed in a Disney Cinderella dress because of how much they adore her. A Disney Cinderella dress inside the park is going to be quite expensive with the demand for it, so you may be better off buying a Disney Cinderella dress from an outside retailer.

3. Sleeping Beauty is another classic princess whose popularity has never faded, although not as popular as Cinderella and Snow White, many girls love to dress up in a Disney Sleeping Beauty dress. However, the Disney Sleeping Beauty dress is one of the most difficult dresses to find, especially in retail stores. Your best chance of finding a Disney Sleeping Beauty dress is to search online or buy one inside the park.

4. Ariel from The Little Mermaid is another popular Disney princess, although she’s not a classic princess, she’s also not one of the newer ones. Ariel is different from other Disney princesses because she is a mermaid for most of the movie, but she also has more of a personality than the classic princesses.

5. Bell from Beauty and the Beast is another Ariel-like princess. She is not a classic princess, but she has been around for years. One of the best things about Bella is that she’s not just another pretty face; she also likes to read, and at the beginning of the movie she is depicted as quite a simple girl, although still very pretty.

6. Jasmine is the first Disney princess to appear in a story that did not feature the princess as the main character. Another unique feature of Jasmine is that she was the first non-Caucasian Disney princess, which helps her stand out in addition to her beauty.

7. Pocahontas is one of the most popular Disney princesses because she is based on a real person. Another thing that makes Pocahontas stand out from the other princesses is that she doesn’t end up living happily ever after with her prince.

8. Princess Giselle from the Disney movie Enchanted is another popular budding princess. The best part about this princess is that she finds true love in her two worlds, and she somehow manages to make everything work out so that everyone is happy forever.

9. Tiana is the newest of the Disney princesses and is the first African-American princess to appear in a Disney movie. Tiana is one of the greatest Disney princesses due to her love and compassion for others, which is shown through her willingness to help the frog at the beginning of the film.

10. Mulan would have to be the last princess on this list, even though she’s not a real princess. However, in Mulan’s story, she lives happily ever after even though she fights in a war. She is also a great hero to look up to because of how brave and loyal she is.

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