Jim Yaghi’s PPC Domination: Review and How to Get the Most Out of Your MLM Lead Generation Efforts

Jim Yaghi is the Pay Per Click Marketing Expert at Magnetic Sponsoring. A few months ago, Magnetic Sponsoring launched Jim Yaghi’s Pay Per Click Domination Course.

After going through the course, I decided to share my thoughts about the course.

My previous experience with PPC:

When I was struggling to build my business using old school network marketing methods, I decided to start with Google AdWords advertising. I had no help, my upline didn’t know anything about AdWords, but I still decided to do it.

I was searching the internet for help and luckily I came across Perry Marshall’s Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.

I went through the book step by step and set up my campaign. It was a great experience, but I had no one to turn to when I ran into a difficulty. I generated leads for my MLM business, but I was spending way more than I was making.

In the words of Mike Dillard, he was paying a huge “stupid tax” to Google. It was difficult for me to keep costs down and without going deeper into debt and seeking more help to master the necessary skills, I decided to give up my PPC campaign.

When Jim Yaghi’s course was published, I was very skeptical and had no confidence in myself to pull it off.

Anyway, after procrastinating for a week or so, I decided to take the PPC Domination course.

My thoughts on Jim Yaghi’s PPC Domination course:

I was pleasantly surprised by the course.

With things like PPC, I really wanted someone to take me by the hand and walk me through every step of the way, and that’s exactly what Jim does in his course.

He makes it very easy to follow, even for a baby boomer like me. Take one step at a time from opening your AdWords account with Google to increasing your click-through rate, quality score, and more.

The best way to handle the course;

Prepare by going through the course once and taking notes on what you have learned.

Do the exercises again so that you have a campaign at the end of the course.

How to get the most out of the race:

If your upline and team are taking the course, please reach out to them so they can help each other.

Subscribe and visit Jim Yaghi’s blog where you can ask questions and raise any concerns you may have.

Join the Better Networker Community, where you can get help from a group of Network Marketers who are already taking the course and getting results.

Join a study group for PPC Domination. Ex: PPC Domination Study Group created by Eric Walker.

Have your own lead capture page because it will help you stand out from the crowd and promote you.

Make sure you use a funded proposal system so you can recoup your marketing costs and even make a profit.

Come summer, be prepared to go the extra mile to stand out from the competition and have a plan in place before you start your campaign. Be assertive and get help from the resources available to you. You will find that you will be able to get the most out of Jim Yaghi’s PPC Domination course for your MLM lead generation.

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