Benefits of video calls for companies

Video calls for businesses have come a long way. No longer is it an expensive system in a large conference room, requiring IT staff at every step. In fact, today businesses large and small are making video a part of their daily operations.

These are the main benefits of video conferencing for HR professionals:

1. Job interviews – Group video calls, better known as video conferencing, is one of the best HR technologies that can be used to attract, retain, and develop millennial employees. According to Redshift research, the majority of HR professionals use video calls as their preferred method of communication, more than emails and phone calls. The survey says that video interviews are just as good as in-person interviews and outperform phone calls when it comes to making good hiring decisions. Video interviews remove the limitations of geographic boundaries for talent acquisition. Niche companies often require candidates with unique skill sets, and video calls make it possible to recruit the best talent for the role from anywhere in the world.

two. Employee training – Employee onboarding comes with its own challenges. Most of the companies have to bring a trainer to remote areas to provide training to new employees or relocate their new employees. These traditional ways have serious drawbacks: they are very expensive, inefficient, and involve stressful travel. Video conferencing is cost effective for providing hands-on training to employees located in different areas. It requires no travel and results in better engagement and learning for new hires.

3. Product marketing – Providing engaging and interactive live demos, but has its own drawbacks, such as reaching a smaller audience, leading to limited sales. On the contrary, marketing your products through video calls has many advantages. Your market is huge as you can reach a larger audience around the world through video calls. Live video demos, like video conferencing demos, give you an advantage over traditional methods: the reach of a pre-recorded video and the grip of a live demo.

Four. improved collaboration– Video conferencing not only has huge benefits for companies but also for employees. Oftentimes, recruiting top talent can be challenging due to daily travel to faraway places. The traditional workplace is disappearing as global collaboration and remote teams become more common. Many big brands like Amazon have seen the great benefits of allowing workers to work remotely with the support of a good video conferencing system.

The advantages of free video calls, conferencing and video calls are huge. There are many video conferencing and chat apps available in the market that bridge the gap between employers and employees, leading to a productive workplace. Video conferencing has become a daily necessity not only for organizations but also for people all over the world.

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