What are the common problems in renting a room in London or applying for a school dormitory?

“Students going to UK, have a variety of accommodation options to choose from, but most of them choose off-campus student accommodations in the end. What are the differences between renting London student accommodation in London and school dormitories? How should we choose? Let’s take a look together.

School dormitory (student accommodation)

Many universities in student accommodation in London options for students. Living in a student residence on campus is a great way to make new friends. In the student accommodations on campus, there is usually a staff member permanently stationed to ensure the normal operation of the apartment; the staff of the apartment will also provide advice or support to the students. Most student flats are co-ed. However, universities generally provide separate apartments for boys and separate apartments for girls. Each room in the school student accommodation is generally equipped with basic living facilities such as beds, desks, and bookshelves. Other facilities such as kitchen and bathroom may need to be shared with other students.

Some universities also provide single-person independent suites. Students in this type of room will have their own independent bathroom, but generally need to share the kitchen with other students. Most student accommodations will have a dedicated living room for students to socialize, such as chatting, watching TV or playing games. Some apartments also have special study rooms and small libraries.

Private student accommodations

Private student accommodations in London generally provide students with independent bathrooms, and single standard rooms provide shared bathrooms.The kitchen and social areas are shared spaces, and students need to share them with other roommates.This accommodation environment creates excellent conditions for international students to make new friends.The kitchen is generally equipped with basic kitchen utensils such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and consoles. Students can buy ingredients in the supermarket near the apartment to train their cooking skills.

The bedroom space generally includes the following equipment bed, desk, wardrobe and bookshelf. Internet, electricity, heating and hot water costs are included in the accommodation fees paid by students.Private London student accommodation are equipped with a 24-hour security system.All students staying in need to use the apartment access card to swipe the card to enter the apartment building.At the same time, the apartment is also equipped with 24-hour security to ensure the safety of the accommodation environment.

Off-campus student accommodations
Many students studying in the UK will choose off-campus student accommodations. This choice is more common among sophomores or postgraduates and doctoral students.Ordinary students can rent a single apartment or share with others.Shared renting is a very common choice among British students, because it is also good for socializing while saving money.

Student accommodation is a critical aspect of the higher education experience, offering students a supportive environment for learning, personal growth, and socialization. The various types of accommodation cater to the diverse needs and preferences of students at different stages of their academic journey.

When renting a London student accommodation in London, students first need to consider other expenses other than rent, including natural gas/gas bills, water and electricity bills, TV signal fees and other related expenses. At the same time, students may also need to bring their own tableware, bedding, etc.

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