Multidimensional Human – The ‘Crown Chakra’ – Climbing the Ladder of Consciousness

The Sixth Chakra – ‘The Third Eye’, (guiding center of consciousness).

This dynamic spinning wheel of energy sits firmly within undifferentiated consciousness. Here the dance of mind and body moves in rhythmic patterns. To enter this portal we must identify a vehicle that will open the door to understanding. Tibetan Buddhism is such a vehicle, its practice paving the way for awakening, planting the seeds of self-realization, and stimulating the intricate qualities inherent in each of us.

attributes; 6th chakra:

rent; between eyebrows,

sacred geometry; 5 Pointed Stars,

physical connection; pituitary glans,

planetary connection; our moon,

sound; ‘aum’, (C+)

The sixth chakra is essential, but it is only one link in this daisy chain of self-exploration.

Soma Chakra

– is veiled in the shadow of the ‘Third Eye’. This chakra provides the framework within which the great seat of Shiva/Parvati’s consciousness resides. This driving energy represents our inherent animation to create, preserve and dissolve; the inactive embryo within the ‘Root’ Chakra. The Shiva/Parvati union is the expression of ‘Know, Feel and Do’; the emanation of truth, beauty and goodness. Shiva provides the stimulus to awaken Shakti and draw his wisdom into union. When he first wakes up, he is a raging snake, but as he progresses upwards through the path of ‘Sarasvati’, the ego soon subsides. Sarasvati is the goddess of transcendent knowledge, sound, wisdom, cultivation, and determination. The fully awakened ‘Soma’ is the ultimate union of Shiva/Shakti within which non-dualistic realization is achieved. Such power accumulates within us in the energetic union of two cerebral glands; pituitary and pineal. The pituitary governing physical incarnation (method); the pineal establishes transcendent awareness/awakening (wisdom).

attributes; Soma Chakra:

body rental; middle of the forehead,

sacred geometry; inverted triangle,

physical connection; pineal glans,

planetary connection; Moon,

sound; ‘ATM’,

the seventh chakra

Complete the matrix for the ‘Crown’ triad; physical, mental and spiritual energetic characters. When these components are fully awakened, they merge in tantric harmony: all action stops and balance is achieved. Within this state of unconscious awareness, the whole being is unified and freed from the illusion of an individual self. The ego loses its strength in the mind and is replaced by compassion and wisdom. Such an understanding naturally provides a context where joy, harmony, and serenity can be experienced and expressed. Techniques to stimulate this chakra vary, but whichever path you choose, it is essential to allow this spiritual connection to open up naturally.

attributes; crown chakra:

body rental; top Of The Skull,

sacred geometry; a lotus whose petals are fully open,

planetary connection; Universal,

sound; ‘aum’ (the universal cord),

The Eighth Chakra (transpersonal)

Enter the realm of transcendence and consequence of the descriptive puzzle. Any word or concept used to describe this state of realization will ultimately diminish your understanding. It can only be defined in approximate terms, ‘that-which-is-not’. Voluntarily entering such an indefinable realm requires a ‘leap of faith’, yet it is precisely such a step that provides liberation from suffering. The conscious mind is divided into six categories. The starting point of a Being on the path to transcendence depends on where his reality dwells: Being-Hell, someone who lives in a tortuous reality; Hungry ghost, a being that is confused/empty; Animals, beings that do not process human self-awareness; Human, enough identity to question the existence; titans, powerful beings in a constant state of dissatisfaction; Gods, a blissful experience within the perimeters of phenomena. The landing on the path of transcendence is carried out, therefore, within six emotional states; destruction (death, guilt), entrapment (desire, fear), release (courage, trust), transformation (acceptance, harmony), revelation (unconditional love), or transfiguration (joy).

The character of this sublime journey is elementally the same; a natural development: Earth Element; here the edges of our consciousness are hard, seen through veils of fear and frustration. As consciousness matures, it merges into the Water Element; fluid patterns of opportunity and trust are intertwined with experience. The water dissolves and the Fire Element ascends, knowledge without sensory attribution in turn merges with the Wind Element where energetic packets of boundless compassion take flight and merge with the Luminous Element, a realm of immensity devoid of matter. Here, the harmonious and inexhaustible love for the blessing evolves towards the Radiance. Within this province, the spear’s energy disappears into Dark Light. The description no longer applies as awareness of the Self ends and fades into Transparency; Buddha Mind. This is our collective destiny, the pure land that we only glimpse from our time/space learning tree, but where we came from and where we are evolving to.

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