Manufactured Home Parts and Supplies: How to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Home

Manufactured homes are a popular and practical living option for those who want the security of home ownership but don’t have the capital to invest in a traditional property. Over the years, the quality of manufactured homes has increased dramatically, with many state-of-the-art features that truly make a house a home.

There are some important factors to consider when choosing parts and supplies for your prefab so you don’t run into too much trouble, these include

A good quality baseboard is required to keep your house looking good and to actively keep out vermin that can get between the concrete base and the foundation of your house. Pests may seem harmless, but they can easily chew up electricity and plumbing, which can be expensive to repair. Good quality baseboards look good and make your home look and feel more secure.

A solid floor should be a definite investment, as skimping on the quality of the wood will only lead to moisture and rot problems a few years later. If you currently live in a manufactured home and have a soft spot in your floor, you’ll need to fix it as quickly as possible so you don’t crack the entire floor.

A solid roof is essential to keep out rain, cold and pests. A leaky roof can quickly cause mold inside your home, and if left unchecked, the entire roof could cave in. A well-constructed roof will also provide huge energy savings by keeping heat in during the winter, and in the summer, a cool roof sheathing can reflect up to 80% of sunlight.

Good ventilation is a legal requirement when you own a manufactured home with 4% of its floor area in the form of windows or a vent that provides ventilation to the entire home. There are a number of ventilation systems available with different levels of energy efficiency. You will need to explore all the options to see which system suits your needs.

A good plumbing system is another integral part of a manufactured home. The last thing you need is a clogged toilet or a blocked sink when you’re trying to unwind after a hard day at work. Plumbing is likely to be one of the most expensive aspects of building or renovating your home, but spending money up front will save money on repairs in the long run. An electric water heater is a must if you want a reliable hot shower in the morning. A plumbing system for a manufactured home is different from a site-built home, so do your homework before rushing to install it in your new home.

If you own a manufactured home or are looking to renovate your existing home, making sure you’ve met all of the above needs will ensure a happy home and many years of content.

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