Male Behavior Explained, Understand Why He’s Cold and Aloof

Matching couples is my specialty. I am often asked if that is really possible. Yes it is! But you have to be willing to do the work, have patience, and no matter what, STAY POSITIVE! Understanding what is really going on can give you a new perspective. This new way of looking at it can help you get through this difficult and confusing time.

Many things are said and done when there is relationship trouble or a breakup. Men say stupid things as a way to mimic the situation. Men are not emotional creatures, but women are emotional creatures. To a woman, a man may seem cold with some of his behavior after the breakup. It is important to understand that it is just the way a man handles emotional things. The best thing you can do is ignore it and never take it personally.

Understand what is really happening when you are confronted with insensitive, indifferent, or cold behavior. Men are not emotional. Why? Men are not attached to emotions. Men have emotions, but they are not necessarily attached to them. That is, when something happens with intense emotions (breakup), a man just doesn’t know how to process since there is no attachment. So the man closes. This is how the man manages. He will eventually deal with the emotions, but he has to get over the pain and confusion of the breakup.

Most women will see this time with nothing but pessimism, that if he cared, he wouldn’t be so insensitive and act like he didn’t care. When in reality it is the opposite. You feel too much emotion and often confusion about whether it is the right decision to walk away from the relationship. He has a hard time talking or seeing you because of the attraction and love that he still feels. In his mind you have clear reasons why he believes the relationship will not work. For him, the only option he sees is to walk away.

He may not really want this in his heart, but he doesn’t see that he can fix it (he may have tried several times) and believes that it will make or is making the woman unhappy. That’s when he walks away from her. So he seems cold and unresponsive as he deals with her emotions and her confusion. We all want a good relationship, but we often end up going the wrong way. The path of feeling him drift away and sabotaging our relationship by trying to stop him drifting away. This leads to an unhappy and dissatisfied relationship and, many times, eventually to a breakup.

The questions that keep coming up: How do I feel more connected or comfortable with my relationship? How to stop sabotaging my relationship? How can I feel that I can trust my boyfriend? and my favourite, after all has collapsed – How do I get my ex back? There is a basic common thread that resolves all of these questions. Only one! Do you know what that is? Are you. You have to be able to make all this better. The saying goes: knowledge is power, and that is true. When you have the knowledge, you are the one with the power… the one in charge. Understanding and dealing with this is difficult and can be hard on self-esteem.

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