5 definitely don’ts when it comes to graphic design

Not paying attention when receiving instructions.

Communication is always important, especially when it comes to the relationship between a client and a professional offering a service. Clear and informative instructions are a requirement of the client, but it is also the responsibility of the designers to ensure that these instructions are understood, even if it means asking a few more questions when something is unclear.

Of course, it would be a good idea for designers to review their clients’ directives over and over again, take notes and brainstorm. If they are confused about any of these, it is crucial to contact them so that everything is clear.

Use of a wide variety of fonts.

Fonts can be fun to play with. However, this can be annoying to viewers reading an article with text that changes up to ten times in a paragraph. Ideally, there should only be a maximum of three font types in a single design.

However, it is recommended to use only one or maybe two fonts. Using a single font gives the text continuity, which is great. Keeping the number of fonts to a minimum is best for business card designs, as space is limited.

thinking too much

When you can pack more into a design, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. They should keep it simple as this looks professional and is more effective. Therefore, they should avoid abusing Photoshop filters. While over-design is not a major mistake, it can also lead to serious problems.

Too much stuff included in the design makes it more difficult for users to get the information they need. A design must breathe and flourish on its own. White space can actually be a good thing, and in most cases, it’s much better than filling a blank space with a lot of stuff.

When a brochure is cluttered with various fonts, colors, and images, this should be simplified and kept to a minimum. This will allow customers to focus on the most important features that companies would like to emphasize.

Think in a limited frame

Although others may think that it is just a cliché to think outside the box, it does not necessarily mean that this is not true. A really big mistake in terms of designs like logos is getting stuck in a rut and sticking to known practices.

Graphic design is a process that involves creativity and therefore designers must be creative to be successful. They must try and experiment with different things, even if they are out of this world. Although this does not guarantee success, there are better chances when they try.

Promise a lot and then deliver less

Perhaps the most serious error that can possibly cause damage to companies is to promise more than they can deliver. As the Go Layer site indicates, in graphic design, people rarely find a job that gets done quickly.

So when it comes to expectations and deadlines, designers need to make sure they don’t promise something they can’t deliver. It is much better to complete a project before a long deadline than after a short deadline.

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