Weight Loss With Tony Gazelle Elliptical – Possible If You Don’t Make This 1 Mistake

You’ve probably seen it on TV a bunch of times… Tony Little and his elliptical machine called the Gazelle. So is it possible to lose weight with this thing? Yes, but…

First, let me tell you that I love elliptical machines. I think they are much better than treadmills because they are so easy on your joints and ligaments. Using an elliptical machine allows you to have a great low impact workout.

Second, the Gazelle would be a perfect addition to anyone who works out at home.

Now the problem with most cardio machines like this has to do with how they are used, not the machines. About 98% of people also make this mistake.

So what is it?

Simply put, most people do “steady state” cardio. What that means is that they do long, slow-to-moderate paced sessions of more than 30 minutes at a time.

Well, that’s not the most efficient way to burn fat.

A better way to use Gazelle for weight loss is to do HIIT… which is short for High Intensity Interval Training.

Here is an example of how you can do it.

Using the Gazelle… get on and start going at a slow to moderate pace for 15-20 seconds. Easy enough. Ok, now after you’re done with that, go all out…very intense…as fast as you can. Do this for just 10 seconds.

Excellent! What just happened is you did your first interval. Now keep repeating that cycle for 6-10 minutes. Then get off the machine and rest… and have a drink of water.

The amazing thing about HIIT is that it’s fast and burns more fat than jogging. The reason it burns more calories and fat is because of what is called “afterburn”. What that means is that your body (after finishing a HIIT session) is in a state of hyper fat loss.

You are at an elevated level of fat burning. But the great part is that it stays in this heightened fat-burning mode for about 18 hours after a HIIT session. That equates to massive amounts of fat loss compared to jogging or walking…because once you’re done jogging, you’re done burning fat. No afterburner.

So… weight loss with the Tony Gazelle elliptical is definitely possible if you don’t make that mistake. So give it a try. He is a great piece of equipment.

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