Visit Malta: a unique experience in Malta

The island of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is inhabited by 400,000 people and is geographically tiny. However, its charm and character are much greater, and some would find it hard to believe that such a small country could be so diverse and entertaining. In short, it is a place for culture, shopping, swimming, sports, spas, gastronomy, language learning, business, diving, art, theater, religion, photography, history. … need we say more?

Maltese culture

Malta’s climate makes for hot summers and mild winters, ideal for strolling through the ancient villages and spectacular monuments of the Maltese island. The oldest and most impressive structures are the prehistoric temples that are even older than the Egyptian pyramids. Definitely a must see! The island’s rich history has also left a number of historic towns and buildings, particularly those built by the Knights of Saint John, that are also worth a visit.

Malta is an island of traditions, each of which is derived from this exquisite history. These unique traditional elements in food, art and music are still present throughout the island. For example, the artisan village of Ta ‘Qali is the perfect place to go and really get a feel for the art and craft tradition. Malta’s various museums ranging from archeology to classic cars are sure to keep someone busy for a number of days!

What to do in Malta

If one prefers retail shopping, Sliema is probably the best place to visit as it consists of some shopping streets lined with shops, along with one of the most established malls in Malta, with all the major brands one can imagine. . Among the shops are many of Malta’s best restaurants and cafes of all varieties, always packed with people drinking wine or coffee or taking a quick bite.

On this small island, you can find about forty spas and health centers, each with its own state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and professional staff. These include large spa facilities, as well as small specialty outlets and oriental treatment clinics that include renowned health and wellness treatments, not to mention captivating massages. The possibilities for a relaxing spa vacation in Malta are endless too!

Additionally, the theater scene is packed year-round with selections from classical concerts, operas, theater, musicals, and comedy. In fact, it has become popular to go for a light meal and a bottle of wine at a local wine bar after a show at one of Malta’s theaters. Eating and drinking in Malta, of course, is not limited to these wine bars and extends to all kinds of cuisine spread throughout all the towns on the island, the most prominent being Mediterranean cuisine in some of Malta’s famous restaurants. Malta’s nightlife of parties, clubs and bars is also very active and is famous throughout Europe.

Malta Pictures

The sea and natural landscapes, old historical buildings, traditional elements and archaeological monuments are just some of the themes used by photographers from all over the world, who visit the island to capture it with their lens. In recent years, tours to Malta have been created to offer a more photographic experience of the island. Uphotomalta, for example, is a company specifically designed for both professionals and amateurs who wish to explore the islands through their lens. They visit secluded parts of the island known only to the locals, as well as the most popular and impressive spots on the islands, and take some of the best photos possible along the way!

Diving in Malta

In March 2009, some 35,000 readers of an international magazine called ‘Diver’ voted for the best dive destinations in the world. This year, the Mediterranean island of Malta ranked first as Europe’s top diving destination. Ranked third in the world, preceded only by Egypt and the Maldives in the International category, the tiny island proved it has a lot to offer and is definitely worth the award. With over 35 dive sites, Malta has also proven to be a leading destination for a dive vacation. The various beaches and resorts are also ideal for a relaxing seaside vacation; swimming, sunbathing and water sports.

For a diverse vacation that will appeal to everyone, choose Malta when planning your next vacation.

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