Travian How to Series – Travian Troop Specialties

Each tribe has its own specialty, which makes it unique and gives it an advantage over other tribes in an area. I am going to discuss the unique advantages of the three tribes and how you can use them to your own personal advantage.

Teutons: These ceaseless, nonstop people are like the massive numbers of troops the Allies sent to the Axis in World War II. Their strength lies in a very large number. If you’re a Teuton, you also have a raid advantage over other players because their rifts only contain 2/3 of the amount that the rift protects against the Gauls and Romans. This means that if you have a level 1000 rift and you are Roman, you are only protecting 667 resources against a raid sent from a Teutonic account.

novels: The Romans have the most powerful units in the game; at a cost: expense. At the start of a server, a Roman player has no advantage in raiding and no protection against attacks. However, his units are stronger on a 1:1 basis. The Romans can also build a resource field and a village upgrade at the same time. If you are using a plus account, you can queue up to three upgrades at a time. Imagine being able to properly raid at the start of a server and use the double buff perk to grow really fast. It could take care of your 7×7 in no time.

Gauls: The Gallic tribe is more of a defensive tribe regarding their specialties. If you are Gaul, your rifts can hold twice as many resources as a Teutonic or Roman rift. This means that a level 10 rift contains 2000 resources and protects 1333 against a Teuton. The Gauls also have a special building called “The Trapper”. Traps can be built cheaply that will trap (but not kill) enemy troops storming the village. Trapped troops will still consume 1 crop/h from their village or origin.

The tribe you choose to play will depend on your style of play. If you like to attack everyone in your area at the beginning of the game, you probably want to be a Teuton. On the other hand, if you prefer to play defense, you might want to try being Gallic. The Romans can be both and shine brighter at the end of the server; if you have more time planned in a few months, try being Roman.

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