Tikka Jewellery – Reinterpreting the Tradition

Tikka Jewellery – Reinterpreting

Tikka jewellery amplifies your entire bridal look and is one of the most gorgeous head accessories you can wear. These tikkas come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be found in intricate designs, lustrous pearls and precious gemstones. From kundan maang tikkas to diamond-studded masterpieces, there’s a design for every bride and style.

A bride’s maang tikka is an essential part of her traditional royal garb and signifies union and royalty. This dainty piece of forehead jewellery is often adorned with a crescent moon and star motif that is crafted from mixed-shaped natural diamonds. The tiara-like maang tikka is worn along with the nath and is an important marker of a woman’s marriage in Punjabi culture, explains Rani Vinita Singh, co-founder of heritage jewellery brand Patiala.

tikka jewelry is also a mark of a woman’s heritage and ethnicity, as it is often passed down through generations. While it is often referred to as ‘tribal’ jewellery, the tikka jewellery reflects the rich and diverse cultural heritage of South Asia. It is a beautiful symbol of a woman’s femininity and represents her grace, beauty, and wisdom. It is also a beautiful and delicate accessory to enhance a bride’s appearance on her wedding day or any other significant cultural events.

Tikka Jewellery – Reinterpreting the Tradition

While it may seem like a simple and small piece of jewellery, the tikka has an extremely special place in a Punjabi woman’s heart and can be seen at many cultural celebrations and functions. This beautiful adornment is often embellished with precious gemstones, Kundan work, Meenakari, and intricately designed gold or silver motifs, showcasing the diversity of Punjab’s rich art history.

As modern Indian jewellery designers and artisans experiment with the centuries-old traditions of adornment, they are re-imagining these pieces to appeal to a contemporary audience while maintaining their significance. These newer tikka jewellery styles are often a combination of various elements that incorporate fusion and minimalist design, reinterpreting the legacy of this bejewelled staple for a broader audience of women.

From glistening polka-dotted tikkas to dainty roses and dragon flies to whimsical skulls, these tikkas are a stunning addition to any discerning bride’s accessory closet. Contemporary designer jewellery brands like Funky Maharani offer traditional maang tikkas with a fun, eclectic spin. They re-imagine the thought process of a traditional Indian jewellery artisan and create pieces that reflect inclusivity and versatility.

From Kundan maang tikkas crusted with uncut diamonds to floral polka-dotted tiaras, the options are endless. The key is to find the right tikka jewellery for you that accentuates your face and complements your overall bridal look. Shop our curated collection of maang tikkas here to find your perfect match!

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