The entrepreneur’s source review

The Entrepreneur’s Source is a franchise opportunity that provides business training services. Founded in 1984 by Terry Powell and franchisee since 1997, franchisees are trained to be business consultants helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create ways to increase income and profits. The training involves helping the client overcome challenges in five core areas of business ownership, which are:

-Business planning

-Sales and Marketing

-Financial management

-Human Capital Support

-Leadership and Communications

The Entrepreneur’s Source is the largest business coaching organization in North America, and it also comes with a fairly substantial financial commitment. Potential franchisees must make a minimum investment of $ 45,000 just for the franchise fee, have a cash liquidity of at least 85k, with some literature indicating the need for a total net worth between 150k and 250k. Then there’s the 5-25% royalty rate attached to a ten-year commitment. As far as home business franchises are concerned, they are considered to be medium to large in size. Oh, and by the way, there is no internal funding. If the prospective business consultant needs financial assistance, it must come from a third party.

If and when you decide to make this financial commitment, you will spend 8 days at corporate headquarters to train as a business consultant. They will learn how to match clients to franchise opportunities by conducting interviews, completing profiles, and evaluating a client’s goals, needs, and expectations. Clients pay nothing for their consultation. The Entrepreneur’s Source earns its income from the franchisors it recommends – essentially a referral fee.

While The Entrepreneur’s Source is touted as a home-based business opportunity, this author suggests that you first invest a little time and money on yourself to learn the ways of effective online marketing. Let’s face it, this is a NEW era of home-based entrepreneurship. There is a new model of success in business ownership that has emerged, creating massive success for people every day. Learn more about the power behind this business model by visiting

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