Single Christian Men – How to Seduce Them

Every day we see single Christian men. There are always eligible singles looking for their soulmates. For every Christian man there is a truly special woman for him and each of us has our own preferences.

The general principles of the art of seduction still apply regardless of race, color, creed, or religion, but don’t overdo it. If the rooster doesn’t want to peck, leave him alone. Do not impose yourself on others and be proud of yourself. The golden rule still applies and may I quote “Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you”. Love will surely come to you if you are patient. There are many single Christian men looking for the same thing. You sure don’t want to be like the supporting actress in the movie “Fatal Attraction.” Give yourself some respect. Otherwise, you will be vain and bitter. Show some skin and don’t be too old-fashioned, as single Christian men are also human beings with sexual drives and desires. However, wear smart, decent, and respectable clothing that reflects your Christian upbringing and personality. Surely, you don’t want your love target to be drooling and bug-eyed all night, unless you want to awaken the beast in him and turn your date into a “one-night stand.” Find the right balance and let that beautiful personality shine through; radiate that energy with your genuine smile. Be nice, feel good inside and be sexy but at the same time respectable. Think positive and attract good thoughts. And when you go out on dates, just wear a little perfume, a touch here and there to bring out that charisma inside you. Don’t pour the entire bottle on yourself and your clothes unless you want to promote the product. Be flexible, but cautious.

Study your potential candidates, analyze them and ask yourself if this is the “real person” you have been looking for and not just a figment of your imagination. Is the ideal single Christian man for me? Does he love me or desire me? These are two different states of desire that women need to know about men in general and single Christian men are no exception. For real and lasting love relationships to last, both have to exist. Lacking one would not make the relationship successful. Create a romantic atmosphere: a candlelight dinner, a walk in the park, a walk in the rain sharing an umbrella, an informal meeting in an elevator or restaurant and much more. Be yourself and don’t pretend honey. Be frank, direct but at the same time careful with your words, as it could hurt the other person. Be spontaneous like the sea breeze or the flowing water of the waterfalls, refreshing, tempting, exciting. Listen to the latest news to be informed about current issues to have topics to discuss, participate in social activities to be visible. Learn to flirt and release that power of attraction that you have inside. Okay, we are not priests and nuns, we are social beings. We long to touch and be touched spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

Fear not, but pray for it. Plan it and God will guide you through it. So, for all you nice lonely ladies out there looking for love, companionship and happiness, the world is full of nice single Christian men. You just have to identify them and know them. Good luck!

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