Samsung S5550: a classic slider mobile phone

Beautifully designed in a slider style, the S5550 is an impressive mobile phone that comes loaded with advanced technologies and features in a single unit. Being a 3G compatible device, it offers the option of making video calls and also includes the integration of social networks with “live updates”. Samsung S5550 is available in two great color options, including pink and black. Using the built-in document viewer option, one can view and edit documents, and in terms of connectivity, the phone offers HSDPA, GPRS / EDGE, and Bluetooth wireless functions for seamless connectivity. The sleek and stylish device works on a quad band GSM network.

Massive storage space

It is all due to the massive storage area that the phonebook can store up to a thousand contact numbers and offers the fantastic functionality of the photo call. The last thirty missed, received and dialed calls are kept in the call logs. The internal storage area of ​​110 MB is sufficient for most users; however, if users feel the need to expand this storage space, they can do so by incorporating external memory cards into the included slot.

The mobile phone pampers users who love to use social media websites, with a wide variety of social media integration options that come with the live update. In addition, the device incorporates an FM radio with great recording functions, as well as an MP3 / MP4 player and downloadable games. The most sought after features are Google Maps, organizers, and voice memo features that allow you to send voice messages to friends or family.

Superb 5 megapixel camera

Samsung S5550 has a five megapixel camera that guarantees top-notch quality for images and a pleasant image capture experience through a wide range of options such as face detection, smile detection, autofocus and many more. There is an image stabilization option that helps improve the quality of blurry images, taken while moving.

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