Residential Construction Site Cleanup Checklist

The construction industry is big and messy. Even the smallest construction site can end up with a big, daunting mess that needs to be cleaned up. To efficiently and effectively clean a construction site, follow this simple checklist to make sure nothing dirty is left behind. This checklist is a great tool not only for small remodeling construction sites set up by an owner, but also a valuable tool for the commercial cleaner who is hired to clean up a large-scale commercial mess.

Start with general cleaning first. In homes, buildings, etc. of new construction. clean and scrub walls, ceilings, installed appliances, trim, baseboards, doors, mantels, windows, etc. Also be sure to dust well, as the act of building will collect dust reserves in any nooks and crannies it can. This dust, if allowed to continue to accumulate, can become detrimental to overall health if left unchecked. Check the top and bottom of the doors, the hinges for dirt, traces of leftover paint and be sure to remove it. If there is interior masonry on the construction site, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned before proceeding. Vacuum or sweep carpet, wood or tile floors, respectively, making sure to remove any accidental paint splatters or scuff marks. Clean faucets and knobs, as well as electrical switches. Then a final item to check off your general cleaning list is removing and disposing of trash.

For other areas of construction sites, such as entrances, exits and kitchens, special cleaning care is necessary. For all exits and entrances, pay special attention to cleaning doors and hinges properly so everything closes the way it’s designed to. For exterior doors to a building or home that has a porch or deck, sweep and clean as appropriate. Also to include on a construction site exterior cleaning checklist is to thoroughly pressure wash those areas, as well as the driveway and garage spaces. If the construction site includes an outdoor patio, pressure wash that site as well.

Kitchen construction cleanup requires all of the items on the general construction site cleanup checklist, but requires you to make note of some special areas to clean that are unique to the kitchen space. Clean all kitchen appliances inside and out, i.e. stove, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, etc. Check around appliances where they adhere to the wall or countertops to see if you need to remove excess caulking or clean up any leftover powder residue. Also, if the appliances are new, be sure to remove any plastic packaging or labels.

This being a very basic cleaning checklist, it should not be used as a standard or even a construction site-only cleaning checklist. But the items on this list will leave you with a house or building that is considerably cleaner and more pleasing to the eye than the one you saw before you started cleaning. Still, you may need a checklist or a more professional company to help you officially clean up a construction site.

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