Making the most of a small kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, you understand the frustration of trying to fit everything you need into a small space. You can watch cooking shows on TV and drool over the large countertops and spacious floor. But with the right planning and a few clever tricks, your small kitchen can seem bigger and more spacious than it really is.

1.Increase your workspaces

Kitchens are one of the only rooms in the house, except for the garage, where you have to stand and work. Workspaces like cutting boards and countertops can be prime real estate in a kitchen. There are a few different ways to increase your workspace without losing foot space.

You can have additional cutting boards installed in your cabinets, if you have the space and the budget. Alternatively, you can invest in a large cutting board to cover half the burners on your stove. When these burners are not in use, the cutting board makes a great prep space for cooking on the other burners. People rarely use all four burners at once anyway.

2.Solve storage problems

Storage is one of the biggest issues small kitchen owners face. There are so many appliances, dishes, and cookware that need to be placed in a kitchen that there never seems to be enough space. If you’re remodeling your small kitchen, be sure to incorporate corner cabinets with Lazy Susans so you can make the most of your space and still be able to reach it all.

If you’re not doing an extensive remodel in your kitchen, there are still other organizational tools you can use to increase your space. First, consider what you can store outside of the kitchen area. You can use a closet in the hallway or in another room to store large appliances that you rarely use, dishes that you only bring out for special occasions, and other items that you don’t need on a daily basis. This will free up your kitchen storage for items you need to keep on hand frequently.

3. Decorate to make the space look bigger

Sometimes just a fresh coat of paint and a few decorative touches will make your space look twice as big. First, dark colors are a no-no for your small kitchen. Dark colors on the walls and cabinets make your kitchen look small and cave-like. White and other light neutral colors are the best options to make your space look bigger. Consider adding a large mirror to one wall in your kitchen. The reflection will add more light to your space and also make the room look bigger.

If you have an eat-in kitchen, choose your dining set very carefully. Select a smaller size table that will give you more walking space in the kitchen. Your small table can also be moved closer to add additional prep space.

Whether you incorporate just one of these techniques or all of them, you will see an immediate impact on the space you have in your kitchen.

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