Is life a choice or is it chance?


Life is full of options or choices, but life is also full of opportunities. Life is full of surprises and we don’t know what will happen next. We don’t know if the decisions we make are for your good or not. But there is a question: is life choosing what you want to happen or is life a destiny? Is life a choice or luck?

You should be curious why this theme is the one I choose from many themes that I can choose from. For me, this topic is such a strange thing because I can somehow relate to this. Sometimes I tend to think that life is about choices because sometimes in mine I choose different options, I don’t know what the result will be, but I choose what is most comfortable or where I am happy. Sometimes I think that some of the things that happen to me are by chance. I think it’s just fate or it was meant to be.

Let’s distinguish these two separately. Let’s start that life is a matter of luck. There is a thing called destiny, there is God and there is a phrase “it is meant to be”. These are the things we depend on why others say that life is a matter of luck. Some people believe that it is a matter of luck. But do you think that’s what it’s about? You own the life you have and you can redirect it to whatever you want. But some things in our life will surely happen to teach us how to live our life despite the challenges. I also believe that some things are meant to happen, like the people we meet or the things we encounter in our daily lives. So do you think life has to do with destiny? Is it luck?

Let’s move on to the next one, about life is by choice. One of life’s greatest gifts comes when we realize that we have the power to make our own decisions and therefore direct our lives. Yes! We can direct our life towards what we want but the big question is why there are wrong decisions or wrong effects when choosing what your life will be after choosing what you want. When choosing decisions we do not know what will be the result of this. Sometimes we choose what makes us happy but sometimes this can lead to it not being as good as you expected. What is a correct choice and how do you know if you are making one? A correct choice is a decision you make because your intuition tells you that it is the right choice for you, regardless of what others say or what your Other Voice tells you. Your other voice is the voice that doesn’t always have what’s best for you in mind. That voice is more interested in having fun than doing what’s right for you. It is difficult to direct our lives because there are challenges that will come. These challenges offer options and therefore can lead to happiness or the opposite. Some options that you choose are from what you have experienced in the past. It can greatly affect your choice of decisions. Is life really a matter of choice?

In my opinion, life is a matter of choice, you are the one who directs it, what your life will be. Making decisions what is best for you or sometimes what makes you happy is what we choose. Live life to the fullest even if you think it’s by chance or by choice. What matters is how you lead your life. Life is full of surprises, mysteries and challenges. Life is by chance because some things are destined to happen to you to teach you to value life, also life is a matter of choice because decision making is part of everyone’s life and choosing or directing your life is the power of every human being. Life is a matter of choice or chance, either way live it to the fullest.

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