HTC is set to introduce a new quad-core device to join the HTC Sensation XE at the top of its range

In the last two years, HTC has established itself as one of the major players in the world of smartphones. Devices like the Desire and Desire S have sold in huge numbers and newer phones like the HTC Sensation XE and XL have captured the public imagination with their large screens and excellent audio facilities. It now seems likely that we’ll see some new models announced in February at an event hosted by HTC on the 26th, the day before the annual MWC convention when new models are normally announced.

There are rumors that HTC’s big announcement will be the launch of its first quad-core smartphone. It has already been reported that the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 will incorporate this type of chipset, so it is not surprising that HTC is planning the launch of a similar model. It is speculated that the premium device to be unveiled will be the HTC Edge. It is rumored that this model will incorporate a screen with 720P resolution, which means that it will offer the highest pixel density on the market. The quad-core processor is said to be clocked at 1.5Ghz, which will also make the phone one of the fastest available. HTC is not alone in planning a big event just before MWC, both Sony and Huawei have confirmed for the same day and Samsung is also rumored to be planning an event of its own.

If the HTC Edge is announced, it will join the HTC Sensation XE and XL at the top of the manufacturers’ lineup. These two devices were launched at the end of 2011 and have been very successful with the public so far. One of the reasons these models are so popular is because HTC has focused on audio features, an area often neglected by many manufacturers. Both phones use Beats Audio technology, an audio enhancement feature that has been developed by American hip hop star Dr. Dre. This technology allows the relatively small speakers that are built into the model to produce excellent low-frequency sounds. Both models are also supplied with a special pair of headphones that have the same properties. Visuals haven’t been neglected and both models offer high-quality screens that are a great companion to great audio features when watching movies or playing games.

It seems certain that HTC will launch a quad-core smartphone that will join the HTC Sensation XE and XL at the top of its range. All three models will offer excellent picture quality and the use of Beats Audio puts the phones ahead of their rivals in audio performance.

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