How do you do it? 7 ways to make a good first impression

We’ve all seen those people who come to an interview with a stain on their shirt or a run on their pantyhose. Disgusting, right? You would never do that, would you? Of course not. We certainly know the main factors that can help make a good first impression. They include those topics that they teach us all, such as dressing appropriately, having good hygiene, and arriving on time.

However, what can you do when you really want to stand out from the crowd? Of course, it makes a difference if you’ve talked to the person before, perhaps over the phone or via email, but for our purposes today, let’s assume you’ve never met these people before.

As we’ve all learned about those basic factors, they won’t really make you stand out, will they? What can make it above and beyond, unique in an exceptional way? Really, what else can you do to help make a good impression?

1. To do investigation. If you don’t know who you’re meeting or don’t know much about your company, do a little research. Discover names and functions. Find out the titles. If you can, find out what the company does and how the people within it work. You will be several steps ahead in the game of ‘getting to know yourself’.

two. Be positive. No need for risky jokes, but smile. Being optimistic and positive leaves others with a great feeling in response to you because it is truly contagious.

3. Take note. Don’t be afraid to carry a notepad and take notes. Not only will it help you remember things if the meeting is very long, but it will also make you appear thorough and detailed.

Four. Learn names quickly. Both your research and your notes should help you learn names, but try at least to save them in your short-term memory right away. Of course, you will impress the people you meet with your memory, and you will also be able to keep notes and ideas associated with the right people. This comes in handy when you meet more people than you expected.

5. Hear. One of the best ways to impress people is to listen to them. You not only get information about their opinions and ideas, but you also make them feel important.

6. Organize. Hands-on hands-on practice! Whether you are giving a presentation, formal or informal, or just discussing some new ideas, have all your ducks in a row. Please have your documents in order and make sure you have enough copies before you arrive. Know in what order you want to discuss your points. Let them see that you plan ahead and know how to organize your thoughts.

7. Be polite. This is actually one of the basic ways to make a good impression, but it’s worth repeating regularly. Nothing impresses as well as good manners and kindness.

As you can see from these ways to improve your first impression, they all have to do with your behavior. What you are doing is showing people how they can expect you to behave in the future. It can make a difference not only in whether they remember you, but also how they remember you!

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