Grand Cayman – True Paradise

Grand Cayman is world famous, especially among tourists, for its spectacular attractions such as diving and snorkeling. It is the largest of the three Cayman Islands. Two other islands are Cayman Barc and Little Cayman. All three islands are located in the western Caribbean Sea and are governed as a British Overseas Territory. The greatest tragedy of this island is the lack of natural fresh water. On top of that, it was severely devastated by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Despite such obvious disasters, it shines on the horizon of the tourism industry.

Tourism industry in Grand Cayman

Tourism in Grand Cayman shares approximately 50% of the GDP. In addition to stunning locations, the island offers excellent dining, drinking, diving, snorkeling, lodging, and shopping facilities.

1) Cayman Turtle Farm is famous for its wide variety of turtle collections. From the smallest tortoises to those over 400 pounds are available here.

2) Cemetery Beach is located at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach. It’s just a beautiful place with snorkeling right off the coast.

3) The National Museum of the Cayman Islands, the Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum and the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park are very close to each other and therefore become the main tourist center of the island.

4) Festivals like Batabano, Gimistory and Pirates Week Festival fall in the month of April and November. These festival seasons induce a huge influx of tourists to the island.

5) The hottest time for young people is available here in the form of rental cars and scooters. But, your age must be 21 years or older.

6) Cruise ships are another great enjoyable experience here. George Town is an immensely popular port, especially for many cruise lines on Western Caribbean itineraries.

7) Holidays in the Cayman Islands are also famous for golf. In general, the culture of five-star resorts is extremely popular here among golf enthusiasts. Numerous fantastic golf centers are located here and each one is equally as good. These centers are also famous for international golf events.

8) Underwater sightseeing may be a weird and awesome idea, but it’s possible here in the city of Stingray. It is made up of a series of shallow-water sandbanks. It provides the exclusive opportunity to interact with marine animals.

Climate and Tourism in Grand Cayman

The average temperature of the island hovers around 29-390c during the summer. In winter it falls to 190c and the average stays at 200c. The ocean trench on this island has exceptional visibility. So the temperature and visibility here create an ideal situation for diving.

Therefore, Grand Cayman Island is undoubtedly a great tourist spot. There is a wide variety of attractions here, from stunning views to beaches and golf courses. The ideal weather condition is an added bonus with this island. Even the government is paying sincere attention to tourism here and prominently helping in infrastructure development. It was also obvious because more than 50% of the total GDP comes from the tourism industry.

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