Fulfill your dream of becoming a fitness and wellness consultant

The world we live in today has so many stressors that bombard us on a daily basis, our only release is to de-stress. Consultants are all around us, but do you trust your fitness and wellness consultant? If you’re a fitness and wellness enthusiast, you may want to become what you love to do, while earning in the process.

• Certification

Being a Certified Fitness and Wellness Consultant gives you the edge, because it gives you the pleasure of doing what you love while helping others achieve their goals. To become certified, there are physical and written exams you must take. You can go online to find the nearest facility that offers courses in your community. Most certification courses are offered by professional fitness and wellness consultants, as well as local community centers. First of all, what you need is the basic fitness and wellness certificate; This can be done online. With the basic certificate, you can specialize in prenatal and postnatal wellness. To have a higher certification that is recognized internationally, you may want to join the European Fitness Association or the Fitness Association of America, both of which offer certification at the highest level.

• Internship

After you complete your certification course, the fun begins. You may want to join an established fitness and wellness club to hone your skills, get some documented experience under your belt, so you can deal with clients who may come to your facility with specific cases. This will help build your confidence when working as an independent consultant. The insights gained on site will give you valuable insight into the type of standard and quality service you want to offer your prospective customers. This will also help you build a good and strong relationship with your customers and thus improve your membership. Word of mouth is the best advertising, and when you provide great service, people will know about it. You can choose to work at a facility after you get certified, which is not a problem as it lowers your overhead.

• Be unique

Another way to build your client base is to offer special services, which most, if not all, other fitness and wellness consultant agencies do not offer. You can consider consultancy in disease management, which requires you to have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Offering clients advice in this area is unique, as many people who choose to start fitness and wellness sessions have problems in the areas of certain chronic diseases. Smoking, diabetes, hypertension, and even recovering cancer patients are often pleased when they can have one-on-one conversations with their wellness coaches to help them in these areas.

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