Free lead system to help capture more leads to turn to gold

The free lead system for any online and offline business

The Free Lead System is a ready-to-use system for online and offline marketers and helps marketers to have an unlimited number of leads on autopilot. The system offers unlimited lead capture pages, back office support with autoresponders, a marketing funnel, educational videos on internet marketing, and Google Hangouts.

By having the Free Lead System, entrepreneurs get the benefit of having a marketing platform that enables the online entrepreneur to get leads and earn substantial income from their business. By having a lead marketing system, you can introduce more people to your business. This Lead Marketing tool provides an easy way to make money online and those who work hard and try can earn very high income from this tool. This Lead Marketing program provides a ready-to-use marketing funnel along with the autoresponder and marketing materials.

Provide a profitable marketing system

Those who use the program are supported by a private Facebook group. This system has an FAQ page and a support button. The Free Lead System will do the job so you can focus on promoting your business by probing potential customers and creating new business relationships. The great advantages of the Free Lead System are that it is very simple and easy to use, very powerful and provides an amazing marketing system that is cost effective and equipped with advanced tools. The Lead Tool ensures the success of your online and offline business by introducing new leads to your business who are highly likely to join the business or purchase the products you offer.

The Platform offers three different plans from which to select.

Plan 1.

Basic Member: In this plan, you are provided with the free lead generator which enables you to attract more leads. To complete the lead capture form, you will get incentives in the form of valuable bonuses. By sending follow-up emails to all potential customers, your network marketing will become more efficient and you will have a better brand online. Your online business will be vigorously promoted with the help of animated GIF banners as well as various other online and offline resources. Your online business will get a contact management system and you will be able to access more training facilities for the promotion of your main business. The audios and videos will show you how to earn good income from network marketing. A 7-day free trial is also offered. This Plan is 100% free.

Plan 2.

Premium Member: This plan also provides you with a sales funnel system, as well as out-of-the-box lead capture pages. Lead Capture Page Builder requires just one click. The other main features include the animated video library, viral video system, built-in autoresponder, and tracking system. The contact management system is very powerful. There is a referral system and also a set of promotional tools. This Plan also provides the Audio Video Postcard System. Another great advantage of this Plan is that the use of Sales Page Creator, Lead Capture Page Creator and subdomains are unlimited. This plan allows you to send 30,000 emails in a month without paying additional charges. Text notifications are provided for your immediate follow-up and you can have a 7-day free trial.

Plan. 3.

Business opportunity

This system allows you to use very powerful marketing tools to promote your business. This Plan provides you with a powerful online marketing platform that is well equipped. This plan gives you all the facilities for your business to grow steadily.

A complete marketing system

The Free Lead System was created by the well-known Power Lead System. The amazing tool works as a complete marketing system with its multiple lead capture pages, email campaign for effective follow-up, and professional video sales page to close sign-ups. By providing a complete marketing system, the Lead Program allows you to create your own email list and start earning commissions from affiliate marketing. At the same time, you can also make sales through the marketing funnel. You can take advantage of individual email announcements as well as autopilot traffic sources. The traffic you receive can be converted into leads and ultimately actual sales through the tracking system and capture page.

Income from updating clients and affiliates

The program allows you to sell any program of your choice online. The system can be configured as a free lead capture page to promote and sell any offer. The offer that you want to promote and sell should be included in the follow-up emails, the video presentation page, and the system back office. With the Free Lead System, you can build your email list with a free, high-value offer, and then convert it to Lead Lightning upgrade sales. This will allow you to earn $ 6 as commission for each sale worth $ 7. As a result, your customers and affiliates upgrade to either the Silver membership level or the Gold membership level. This will allow you to earn a monthly cash flow commission at a rate of $ 15 / month per referral and $ 20 / month of recurring referral.

As a result of upgrading to Silver or Gold membership levels, those customers’ back office will begin showing them Diamond and Platinum membership levels. If they upgrade to the Diamond or Platinum level, you are eligible to spend a commission of $ 100 and $ 400 respectively. This will be on top of the $ 25 and $ 50 overrides and accelerated leverage commissions as well.

Secure multiple sources of income

It is now obvious that the Free Lead System is purely a free and comprehensive marketing system that can create leads, thus paving the way for a smart marketing campaign through which potential customers become actual buyers. This is a 100% ready-made system. It is not necessary to create, build, design or program anything to use the System. One can immediately start adding traffic to the system and converting leads. The system takes on the task of converting leads into actual sales. Just by having the Free Lead System, you can earn income through various streams.

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