Different types of marble tiles

Marble tiles are a widely used building material due to their durability and attractive appearance. These elegant tiles have been used in the beautiful palaces of Renaissance Europe and up to recent years. Nowadays, marble tiles are not only becoming more and more popular for residential use, but also for commercial use. One of the great qualities of marble is that it brings old world elegance and an aura of art to buildings. This is versatile and can be used anywhere in the house, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Marble tiles are a bit expensive compared to other flooring tiles like slate or travertine tiles. There are different types of marble floor tiles: glazed, honed or unglazed and tumbled tiles. Glazed types have a thick or polished coating. Glazed varieties are highly resistant to staining and have a high gloss. These tiles do not need frequent waxing as they retain their shine and this tile also has a very hard surface. Also, glazed tiles show dents and scratches easily on the surface as they are brighter.

Polished tiles have a scratch-resistant, natural-looking surface. However, this type absorbs stains more easily than glazed ones and requires regular waxing to make it shine. This tile is preferred for high traffic areas as it resists wear compared to other types. For those looking for an antique look for their office or home, tumbled tiles may be the one. This type of tile is non-slippery and is available in different tile designs such as natural polished, polished, matte and antique.

The natural fulling type finish is very light and gives a rounded edge. Polished hones have a polished surface and honed ones give a matte finish. The old tumbled gives it a rustic look. Marble tiles are available in different tile shapes and with creativity different tile designs can be created. There are also marble stone rugs for kitchen backsplashes, hallways, and bathrooms. Most of these marble rugs are rectangular in shape and therefore can be easily installed. There are even accent tiles and border tiles that provide a beautiful look and finish.

Marble tiles come in different colors to suit home d├ęcor and the most common tile colors are Chinese Black, Dark Green, Ivory Cream and Inca Gold. Marble is the hypoallergenic choice for flooring, as the hard, dense surface ignites allergens. Marble is extremely durable and outlasts other flooring. A good, properly installed marble floor has been found to last three to five times longer than other tiles.

In addition, this floor is very resistant to humidity and, therefore, cleaning the tiles becomes a simple task. Plain soapy water is enough to clean the floor. The stain resistant property helps minimize the chances of any liquid spills leaving a permanent mark on the floor. Marble is an attractive and practical option. Although mosaic tiles are more expensive, the lower maintenance cost makes it an ideal choice.

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