Causes of anxiety attacks, symptoms and how to treat them

Causes of anxiety attacks

Most anxiety attacks stem from past traumatic experiences. This could be through a near death experience or a history of abuse. When one goes through a life-threatening event, the body goes into a fight or flight mode. This means you either face the threat or run away. The body also releases cortisol, the hormone responsible for seizures. This hormone increases the heart rate, hence the attacks.

Symptoms of anxiety attacks

. fast heart rate

Do you always feel the heat throbbing after running a few meters? Well that’s exactly
How would you feel when you panic? The anxiety that runs through your body even in
the slightest mention of public speaking makes your heart beat faster. Relax, you won’t.
suffer a heart attack

. sweating profusely

. feeling like going crazy

. hot flashes and cold

. Feeling like vomiting or passing out

. Fear of dying from an undetected disease

. feeling detached from reality

. Treatment for anxiety attacks

. Relaxation exercises: This helps the body relax back to its original state. You
You can achieve this by practicing breathing exercises. Hold your breath for five seconds
then release. This brings the calming effect.

. Positive thinking: think of better ideas that motivate you and do not stop at the
negative issues. Try to tune your mind to the great things that life has to offer.
Relax your body even more.

. Yoga: Attend yoga sessions to reap all the benefits it brings to the body in terms of
relax and tune the mind in the right direction.

. Exercises: Simple exercises like walking, running, and aerobics help the body release
hormones to feel good that also brings a feeling of happiness. Daily 25-30 minutes
exercise brings the body into a relaxed state burning off the feeling of anxiety.

. Medications: Have you tried everything you can and it doesn’t seem to work? Please
visit a psychologist for further review on how to follow your treatment plan. With
medication and counseling, you will definitely live a normal life.

Fear not, there are several places you can get help with your anxiety. This could be through a trusted friend or family member. Be sure to engage in outdoor activities because sitting alone encourages poisonous thoughts that make the situation even worse. Finally, follow your faith, be it Christianity or other religions, as they have mind-calming practices like prayers or meditation, which lowers anxiety levels.

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