Business software: What is it and how does it help organizations?

Business Application Software: The New Way to Grow

Also known as EAS, it is a suite of software specially designed for organizations such as corporate houses, retailers, banks, educational institutes, or governments to meet their unique business needs. These custom programs can alter the way an organization works and can solve different problems. This helps improve process efficiency, which in turn increases revenue. They are robust and scalable, making them suitable for all types of businesses. An organization hosts these applications on dedicated servers and through its networks provides services to its users with ease. Centrally managed for an entire organization, EAS helps enable and maintain transparency and parity of information across all departments.

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In recent years, the dynamics of business operations and global proliferation have evolved rapidly. The timely and unobstructed flow of information is the differential power that traces the growth of a company to a certain extent. Meanwhile, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality is equally crucial. EAS offers automation tools to accomplish all of this. As a result, the use of quality business software is now essential for any company that wants to optimize its processes and gain efficiency in them. Organizations can combat damage from process complexity, initiate new growth opportunities, and outperform competitors when they have business intelligence in place.

The types

Mainly based on management functions, EAS helps with the following:

– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

– Accounting program

– Customer relationship management (CRM)

– Business Intelligence

– Supply Chain Management (SCM)

– Business Process Management

– Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

– Content Management System (CMS)

– Master Data Management (MDM)

The functions

Many professionals believe that the adoption of business software has made daily office work much easier, more efficient, and more productive. Particularly for companies dealing with a large amount of data, EAS helps to display, verify, store and manipulate information without much hassle. The technology automates anytime, anywhere accessibility and processing of business processes that rely on complex and huge data. In addition, the technology ensures its easy usability for employees. Other organizational functions that benefit greatly from the programs include online payment processing, customer relationship management, project management, interactive product catalog design, resource planning, service automation, network security and many more.

Diversifying organizational efficiency using multiple types of business software

Programs can be integrated with other organizational processes to streamline many work tasks. For example, business intelligence can be synced with business analytics software for data. Custom management functions (finance and accounting or human resources) are available or can be designed.

Some known vendors

SAP is the market leader in the EAS industry. The company provides dedicated services to numerous global clients. Other major contributors include IBM, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Microsoft, Red Hat, and Oracle, to name a few.

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