3 tips for "Strength" a woman to orgasm in 2 minutes!

Hey listen! If you want to be known as a god when it comes to sex, then you will need all the skills and abilities you can get to make any woman orgasm very quickly. It is very important that you print your authority in the bedroom by being better than all the other guys she has had sex with or else I would go back to one of them.

Now be sure to keep reading so that you can discover 3 amazing tips that you can use right away to give your woman an orgasm very quickly.

Now, here are the 3 tips you can use to “force” any woman to orgasm in 2 minutes.

Sexual advice n. # 1: Talk Dirty – It’s called mental foreplay!

Never underestimate the power of words. Did you know that many women get wet in panties just by reading romance novels without nude photos? That is to tell you the power of words. Some men can turn their women on with their vagina dripping with vaginal juices and moaning for a penis inside of them just by using words.

Many women have insecurities and are needy when it comes to sex. Therefore, it is your duty to talk a little dirty with your woman so that she is in a good mood to have sex with you. Be imaginative! Tell your woman in different lines how sexy and beautiful she is when she is naked and how much you want to put your penis inside her vagina.

Sexual advice n. # 2: Play a lot of foreplay!

Foreplay is very important when it comes to getting a woman to orgasm. A 2005 sex survey revealed that around 76% of the women interviewed said they prefer foreplay to penetration. I’m sure you prefer penetration to foreplay. So the only way to balance it out is by giving your woman plenty of foreplay before riding her.

Give your woman oral sex before penetrating her. Try giving your wife a couple of orgasms with just oral sex. If you are good at oral sex, you can be sure that your woman will keep coming to you for more and more, which means more sex sessions for you!

Sexual advice n. 3: Take the initiative! Be dominant!

This is a must. When it comes to sex, be a real man and take charge of the sexual act. Many men try to be overly sensitive during sex. This is why so many women complain that their lovers are not “man enough” and act like “sissies” every time they have sex.

Being dominant is very important. It shows your level of confidence in your abilities. This does not mean that you should start controlling your woman like a slave. Just make sure you don’t ask him what to do and how to do it when you have sex.

Do you know that women prefer large penises to small or medium ones? In case you don’t know, now you know. 8 out of 10 women prefer large penises to small or medium-sized ones and their wife may be among the 8 who love large penises. Women prefer larger penises because they give more sexual pleasure than small ones. Women reach orgasms easily when they have sex with a man with a large penis.

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